The Rush Edge

  • The green monster: Our eighty-foot, custom-built collator handles sheets of varying weights, sizes, shapes and finishes, with no doubles or misses. Work that other shops would have to do by hand we can collate automatically.
  • Five 6-tower Horizons tweaked by our plant mechanic—the former lead mechanic at Horizon—to run at maximum speeds without doubles or misses.
  • Unparalleled tab-cutting machinery: Bob Ostwald, a brilliant engineer, modified all of our tabbing equipment to run at unheard of speeds with nearly zero waste.
  • Back-up equipment and redundancies for every machine and function.
  • A seasoned, gritty cross-trained staff: Most of our employees have been with us ten or more years. They’ll cancel vacations, work holidays, work during major snowstorms – whatever it takes to meet a deadline.
  • We’re financially strong. We discount our bills and we are debt-free.